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    Uzbek handicrafts have deep ancient roots. For many centuries, hereditary craftsmen in the country have been making real works of art, so necessary for happiness and everyday life. They decorate homes, sew clothes from fabrics, make jewelry and utensils.

    Our Uzbek craft shop offers a rich assortment of traditional national goods. Among them the Suzani cloths stand out as a bright accent.

    Embroidered upholstery fabric

    Suzani is a decorative fabric embroidered by hand with different ornaments and designs. It is a very painstaking work that requires a lot of knowledge and skills. But the result is delightful.

    Embroidered upholstery fabric is used to decorate interiors and create luxury furniture. The fabric itself can be silk, wool or cotton. The density of the weave can also be different. Fabrics can be very dense or lightweight. Patterns and ornaments can be traditional, with natural motifs or modern prints. The size of the fabric can be different, as well as its purpose. Upholstery fabrics decorate not only furniture, but also the walls of the premises, creating a very cozy original interior with a hint of the East.

    We offer a wide range of upholstery fabrics made in Suzani technique. The catalog presents the most popular models, as well as exclusive handmade products. Prices for goods from manufacturers are quite democratic. Regular and wholesale customers we offer a variety of bonuses, discounts and gifts. It is interesting and very profitable to cooperate with our store. Learn about your benefits by contacting our manager by phone or leave a request on the site. A specialist will contact you within 20 minutes.

    Suzani fabrics

    Uzbek Suzani fabrics are not just original embroidery. This is true art. The colors and patterns are carefully matched to the purpose of products. They have elements of Eastern mysticism and original artistic design. Some say that the hand of the master, when he creates a masterpiece, guided by God himself. Much knowledge, unfortunately, has been lost for centuries. However, we contribute in every way to the restoration of the craft, helping private and family workshops. You can also contribute to this noble cause by buying Suzani on our website.

    Suzani fabrics fabric is usually embroidered with silk threads, but there can be other variations. This applied art in different regions has its own characteristics, both in patterns and ornaments, and manufacturing techniques.

    Also, on our site you can find machine-made fabrics, which are more democratic in price than hand embroidery.

    Suzani kits have been prepared for daughters' weddings for centuries. They not only decorated their homes, but also protected them, bringing happiness, health, wealth and good luck. Many of the meanings of sacred embroideries lost, but some masters can still tell you what this or that embroidery serves.

    Suzani embroidery

    Masters and craftswomen engaged in this craft were trained carefully, comprehending for several years the art of creating patterns and ornaments. They were initiated not only into craft secrets, but also into sacred secrets. Suzani embroidery is always more than a beautiful pattern.

    The most common paintings are richly decorated with natural motifs and amulet signs. They are bright and cheerful, give a lot of positive, fill all around with grace.

    Uzbek Suzani for sale

    For sale in our catalog is a wide assortment of Suzani paintings from different areas. Each piece is a real Uzbek Suzani, which embodies the bounty of nature and the richness of fertile valleys.

    We also invite masters and owners of Suzani to cooperation.

    Contact our managers if you wish to buy or sell Suzani paintings. We are always happy to offer you favorable terms of cooperation. Let's together fill this world with true beauty and happiness.

    Contact our staff by the phone numbers listed on the site, in any convenient for you messenger or leave a request on the site. If you have already chosen a piece of Suzani you like, and there are no questions, then simply place your order on the site by putting the product in the shopping cart.

    The great selection on our website will delight you!