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    Welcome to our handmade oriental products online store. If you’re really looking for something exclusive for you and your life, you’ve come to the right place. We are very cozy and have a lot of original luxuries for your home.

    Ikat pillows have been popular and indispensable for centuries. Each of them is a true masterpiece of Eastern culture and art. The skill of making ikat is carefully handed down from generation to generation. Each master craftsman brings his own talent, inspiration and energy to the product. After all, a creative person is filled with a special divine energy, which he transfers to his creation.

    Long bolster pillows

    Long bolster pillows were very popular in the East, Europe and America. They were used to decorate the interior, as well as to create a benign comfort.

    Long bolster pillow is suitable as a back support, footrest or armrest. They were laid with them not only to provide the body comfort and a pleasant, relaxed position. The ikat cushions also created a benign atmosphere for the soul. Their luxurious color compositions and textures dispose to relaxation and contemplation of the beauty of the world. Every ornament or pattern always had some hidden sacred meaning. The sages gazed upon these marvelous shimmers of color, quieting their minds, satiating them with divine perfection.

    Some long cushion rolls were indispensable elements of the road luggage of travelers leading golden caravans through the deserts. They gave them peace and comfort, and also were amulets, attracted good luck.

    Each color has its own sacred meaning. Masters know it perfectly well, creating highly artistic compositions.

    Long decorative pillows

    We have more than 50 items of long decorative pillows in our catalog. The shop window is constantly updated and supplemented. Visit us often, so you won’t miss any unique item.

    This long decorative pillow will be a decoration of any cultural or public institutions. Our products decorate many well-known restaurants, cafes, hotels, guest houses, teahouses and hookah houses. The range of their application is unlimited. They are needed wherever it is necessary to create an exclusive interior and bring a benign energy.

    The cushions presented in our online store have different degrees of hardness and sizes. Covers are usually removable, with a hidden zipper. Products are easy and comfortable to care for. They can be sent to the laundry, cleaned with a steam cleaner, washed in an automatic machine on gentle mode, or by hand.

    The pillows are made of natural eco-friendly materials of the highest quality.

    Bolster ikat pillow

    Among the majestic variety of oriental products, cushions and home textiles are particularly beloved all over the world.

    Bolster ikat pillows are original, beautiful and practical. They help to create maximum comfort for the body and a benign pleasure for the soul. Fill your living space with only the best things. Then life will please you more and more.

    Pillow roller in the ikat technique can become a family treasure, which is passed on as a luxury and sacred object.

    Ask our managers, if in doubt in choosing the right product. They will always tell you the meaning of colors and ornaments, and will give you a stylish accessory for your interior.

    Bolster silk ikat cushion

    Silk fabrics have a special nobility. Their price is still as high as thousands of years ago.  Bolsters silk ikat cushion used to decorate rich palaces and majestic temples. Now they can become a decoration of your home. Choose the one you like and put it in your shopping cart. Purchasing on our site is easy and simple. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the manager.

    We will make sure you get your purchase as quickly as possible!

    Also, by purchasing handmade things in our online store you contribute to the development and revival of national traditions and art.

    We cooperate directly with the workshops and private masters of ikat making. Our prices from manufacturers are always the best.

    For wholesale purchases, please contact the manager to get additional discounts and bonuses.

    Large assortment in our online store will help you to make your online purchase very pleasant!