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    We are glad to welcome you in our online store of handmade oriental products. The showcases are filled with exceptional items worthy of your attention. Filling your living space with them, you bring the most beautiful and amazing things into your life.

    Beautiful oriental rugs create a special coziness and beauty in any house, whether it’s a luxurious palace or a modest dwelling. They are appropriate everywhere and in any interior design. We suggest you to get acquainted with our collections of oriental carpets, which are perfect for decoration of any room. They can also become the best example of your collection of oriental treasures.

    Turkmen rug

    Real Turkmen rugs are hand woven from cotton, wool or silk. The rich dark red colors dominate in the decorations. They are true works of art with the greatest history.

    Original Turkmen carpets are presented in our catalog. They are made with observance of ancient technologies. Each rug has its own unique ornament, which can contain sacred information, which is passed down from generation to generation. Turkmen carpets are highly appreciated for their excellent look, high quality and saturated colors. All color compositions are very harmonious, textures are pleasant to touch.

    Buy turkmen carpets at producer price on our site and you have a guarantee of the authenticity of handmade. We work directly with the best workshops, which are engaged in traditional turkmen carpet weaving.

    In the catalog of our online store you can find traditional and trendy copies. Because oriental style is always in fashion, thanks to its uniqueness and expressive originality.

    Turkmenistan Rug

    Each Turkmen tribe has its own traditions in carpet weaving, which are carefully preserved. Carpet patterns are filled with beauty and richness of nature, originality of life and wisdom of centuries.

    Turkmenistan rugs are very precious indeed. These are true masterpieces of Turkmen applied art. Modern interpretations can be woven into traditional patterns, but traditions always retain the priority.

    Turkmenistan rugs can be tufted and smooth. Their sizes are also varied. They are mostly rectangular in shape but can also be square and oval. Often there is a fringe of threads from the rug as a decoration. High density of knots and natural durability is a big advantage of handmade Turkmenistan rugs. Products keep their original look for a very long time. They do not fade in the sun and do not wear out for many years.

    Turkmen rugs for sale

    We choose our products very carefully before they are put on our online storefront. You can be assured that the turkmen rugs for sale displayed on our site are genuine.

    We work with wholesale and retail buyers, offering everyone the best opportunity to buy the original Turkmen rug. In order to buy - place the item in the virtual shopping cart, enter the desired amount and follow the further instructions. Checkout and payment will not take more than two minutes of your precious time. If you have any questions on registration or payment, then feel free to contact our managers, directly on the website or by phone. We are always happy to help you. Also, our specialists will help you to determine the right choice. Realistic photos and detailed descriptions of products will help you to choose the best one for you personally.

    Handmade red wool carpet

    If you want to fill a space with a special energy and dynamic color, a traditional Turkmen rug is the best choice.

    Handmade red wool carpets are very attractive. Color shades are incredibly rich, but at the same time very warm. They bring a touch of vivacity and oriental mystique to any interior.

    Contact our manager and we will choose for you a complete set of handmade oriental goods to create a special, unique entourage in your establishment. Visitors will be happy to take pictures, talk about your service and its unique atmosphere, creating an excellent advertising for you.

    Contact our specialists if you have any questions.

    A rich choice of beautiful carpets from Turkmenistan in our on-line store will impress and make you happy for sure!