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    We invite you into a beautiful oriental fairy tale, filled with handmade wonders. In our online store of handmade oriental products, you will find many beautiful things for you and your loved ones. They can decorate your home or become a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

    Pay attention to oriental wool rugs.

    They are gorgeous. Each of them is a masterpiece. After all, carpet weaving is one of the oldest art forms of oriental peoples. The secrets of craftsmanship, sacred meanings of the patterns and ornaments are carefully passed from mouth to mouth. Only a true master will pass his secrets to a worthy one. Buying items in our store, you help to revive and keep the great heritage of human greatness.

    Kilim area rugs

    Kilim rugs are often referred to as versatile rugs. They are lint-free, smooth rugs that come from ancient Persia. It is usually double stitched, that is, the pattern is decorative on both sides.

    A small kilim area rug can be taken with you on the road. It can create a coziness and will protect during traveling. After all, most oriental products always have sacred symbols and have a special magic.

    Kilim rugs are made of cotton, wool or silk. For their manufacture uses only completely natural, organic materials. Therefore, they are completely environmentally friendly and safe. The beauty of nature itself is captured in them. Patterns can contain sacred geometry, abstract patterns or natural motifs.  Buy a rug kilim in our store you can with delivery to any region. Our customers live in different parts of the world.

    Kilim rug for sale

    Don’t be tempted by the low-priced handmade goods that are so plentiful on big marketplaces right now. Most of them are low-grade and low-quality fakes.

    Kilim rugs for sale wholesale and retail sold in our online store at producer prices. We cooperate with the best masters in carpet weaving. Also sometimes in our catalog are the most valuable pieces with history.

    You can buy a kilim rug of any size and color design. Our consultants will always help you to make the right choice. The rug will perfectly fit into any interior design and will be a wonderful decoration of your house. Also, some people purchase handmade oriental style rugs for their exclusive art collections. Contact our manager if you are looking for something particularly valuable.

    Wool kilim rug

    Camel or Karakul wool is used as the basic raw material for rugs. After special treatment they can be very delicate and soft, pleasant to the touch, giving a gentle warmth to the body. Wool kilim rugs are beautiful and durable. After all, the technology of weaving carpets perfected by many centuries.

    There are many techniques for making kilim, as well as artistic design. Each element and color has its own meaning. The compositions are carefully thought out by the master. Even if it's a traditional ornament, it will still be exclusive. This is the beauty of handmade goods. They are always a single copy. Become the owner of the real beauty.

    To buy a kilim rug you like, put your choice in the shopping cart and follow the instructions. If you have any questions - contact the manager on the site or by phone.

    Buy Turkish kilim rugs

    Carpets are considered to be the homeland of Persia, from which they migrated to all countries. Each nation put its own touches in the art of carpet weaving. Nowadays many scientists and world experts study peculiarities of eastern carpets.

    Buy Turkish kilim rug on our website, without doubt as to its originality and authenticity.

    Turkish carpets have a rich palette of colors and unique weaving technique. They are bright, colorful, cheerful, very positive. Buy such a rug, and your life will become much more pleasant and happier. After all, craftsmen put all their love and talents into its production. Only in a good mood a person can create this beauty.

    We work with wholesale and retail customers around the world.

    A rich selection of kilim carpets from different countries of the East in our online store!