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Everything You Need to Know About Ikat

Ikat is one of the most interesting parts of Central Asian Applied Arts, and the most prestigious and beautiful fabric. Like a cloud Uzbek Ikats display a great variety of patterns, may be composed of several combinations of materials and may be woven in both simple and complex structures.

Today interior & fasion designers rework the fabric to create unique and desirable home decorations such as cushion covers and curtains, variety of decorative handicrafts, lampshades, bags & ikat dress collections, scarves, beachwears, etc

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All our products are hand made using ancient techniques which will perfect your house, as if jewel put in the crown. We are pleased to offer you our selected, genuine, unique, and traditional hand made crafts from around Central Asia which is delivered direct to your door.

What’s a Suzani ?

“Suzani” is the Persian or Farsi word for needle and refers to textile panels embroidered with silk thread. The suzani was an integral part of a woman’s artistic expression in Central Asia for hundreds of years. 

Naturally coloured dyed silks are used to embroider intricate designs on a hand woven cotton and linen fabric; smaller silk Suzanis would make interesting and unique cushion covers or use for decoration to brighten up a table or wall; larger Suzani textiles are lined and would make a stunning addition to any home as a bedspread, table cloth or wall hanging.

Suzanies as an intricate and lovingly-made textiles can be used in so many ways to add texture, romance, and delight to any room.

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