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    We are glad to welcome you in our online store of oriental products. Here you will find unique products of Uzbek masters from private and family workshops, as well as products of different factories. Unique handmade things are especially valued at all times. They are used to decorate interiors and in everyday life. They are also of interest to collectors, lovers of beauty.

    Suzani embroidery is an ancient oriental art. We offer you to get acquainted with suzani embroideries, made in different techniques on our site. Products vary in size and color schemes. There are embroideries for tablecloths, wall carpets, gift items and sets for oriental bride’s dowry.

    Medium suzani

    You can buy medium sized suzani to decorate your home or as a gift. Also, such decor elements fit perfectly into the interiors of public places, restaurants, hookah houses or hotels.

    Medium suzani can be made by hand or machine embroidery. Both represent a highly artistic canvas. Their patterns and ornaments are carefully chosen. Each element is significant and important. The technique of suzani presented in our catalog is very high. We check each piece for impeccable quality.

    Silk fabrics are usually used as a base, but the material can also be blended. The catalog features Bukhara and Fergana suzane, as well as examples from other regions. On a personal request, we can find you a very valuable antique suzane, or order the embroidery of your sketch or wishes. Please contact our managers if you have not found in the catalog what you would like. We will help you. Leave an application on the site or contact our specialists by phone, listed on the site.

    Embroidery wall hangings

    Traditional oriental wall hangings are not just an element of beautiful interior décor. They always have a sacred meaning. Some ornaments protect homes from evil spirits and misfortune, while others attract good luck, love, wealth and abundance.

    Such embroidery wall hangings are popular not only in Eastern countries, but also in Europe and America. Their beauty is enchanting. Many of our buyers, having made a purchase once, return again, for new products. Because they are really beautiful. We offer items worthy of your attention, made by masters of different eastern schools. The knowledge and techniques of suzane creation are handed down from generation to generation only to a selected few. We actively support the revival of this ancient art. You can also make a significant contribution to this noble mission by buying suzani on our website.

    Embroidery wall decor

    If you’re interested in how to decorate your house or institution in a spectacular and original way, we recommend ordering several pieces of suzane in a single composition. Such embroidery, wall decor will look impressive and evoke a rapturous response from people. Our experts will be happy to pick up products to decorate your interior. We have suzani for all occasions and for all interiors. This is not only traditional motifs and ornaments, but also modern prints. Contact us. We always help to make the best purchases and bring a touch of elegant luxury in the house, to attract good luck and success.

    Embroidery fabric with pattern

    Also, on our website you can buy fabrics for embroidery fabric with pattern to create decorative pillows, create interior designs, upholster furniture and more. Take a closer look at these handmade masterpieces. In each pattern great mysteries of the universe, centuries-old traditions and protective symbols are incorporated. The color scheme is chosen very carefully, as well as ornaments. A highly artistic composition is created. Only after that the idea of the artisan is embodied on the fabric. From the talented hands come out the unique products, filled with the vitality of the East, generosity, joy and happiness.

    If you doubt your own choice and want to get expert advice on suzani, then please call or leave a request on the website. If you have already chosen the desired items, then simply put them in the shopping cart and place your order.

    The great selection in our online store will delight you!