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Disgrace not Bukhara! Our unique collection of Bukharian Ikats is inspired by the world-famous Silk Road. Handcrafted in Uzbekistan, these fabrics became iconic symbols of wealth and sophistication throughout Central Asia. Breathtakingly beautiful, exquisitely detailed, vivid colors and patterns: layers upon layers of depth and intricacy. A timeless work of art to pass on to future generations. Includes a free hanging rod.

Features: – Handcrafted in Uzbekistan

– Natural silk fabric – Unique patterned weave designs

– Exquisite detail and vibrancy Benefits: – Quality that lasts with timeless designs for years to come – Adds texture and color to walls for a dynamic look

– Enhances rooms with vibrant cultural heritage – Can be hung individually or layered together to create amazing statements

Bukharian Ikats are beautiful handwoven, luxurious silk fabrics from the Bukhara region in Uzbekistan, perfect for modern art pieces and upcycling clothes. Our shop offers a selection of muted colours, geometric patterns and traditional imagery to suits any need.

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    We are glad that you decided to visit our cozy online store of handmade oriental products. It means that you are a true connoisseur of beauty and you know a lot about it.

    The pattern fabric has a special beauty.

    It is recognized all over the world and ikat is included in the UNESCO heritage list. Many fashion brands use ikat in their masterpieces for a reason. They are so impressed by the exclusivity of materials and unique color compositions that they cannot resist their enchanting charm.

    We invite you to the wonderful world of oriental fabrics.

    Bukharian Ikats

    Bukharian ikats have had an amazing destiny. They have been a strategic commodity, a symbol of luxury and success for more than one hundred years. In modern times, the ikat is also highly valued around the world.

    Bukharian ikat is known far beyond the borders of Uzbekistan. The most famous fashion houses in America, Germany, France and other countries prefer to use Bukharian fabrics for their collections. After all, here they have managed to fully restore many of the ancient traditions of craftsmanship, revive the secrets of making ikats, handed down only to the best craftsmen.

    The world of traditional culture is very fragile and needs the support of people not indifferent to the true values. Your every purchase is a valuable contribution to the revival and development of traditional crafts, preservation and continuity of traditions.

    Bukhara ikat amazes with its variety. Here are silk adras with moiré, cotton ikat, satin and velvet. The color variations give a true aesthetic pleasure. They are incredible. To express the delight of their magnificence in words is simply impossible. A wide range of ikat Bukhara fabrics. They can be almost weightless or very dense. Denser ones are used as an upholstery material.

    We offer to buy Bukhara ikat at producer price, without unnecessary fees and intermediaries. Cooperating directly with the best workshops in Bukhara, we can guarantee not only pleasant prices, but also impeccable quality of the goods.

    Bukhara silk fabric

    Residents of Europe and America are fascinated by silk ikats, their fantastic patterns and color shimmers, their luxurious aristocratic shine.

    Modern Bukhara silk fabrics have won worldwide recognition with ease. Indeed, thanks to them you can create a real masterpiece in fashion and art.

    Bukhara ikat reflects a true oriental philosophy, embodied in the elegant aesthetics. This is expressed in the careful selection of colors and lines, their harmonious union. The fabric is like a picture of a great artist, drawing the world in abstract images. To discern the true meaning of the picture is sometimes difficult, but the visual sensation is grand.

    We offer our customers the best conditions for shopping. For regular and wholesale buyers there are always nice bonuses and gifts. After all, in the traditions of the East - goodwill, hospitality and generosity.

    To buy Bukhara ikat, put your favorite piece in the shopping cart and follow the instructions. If you have any questions about ordering or payment, then feel free to contact our experts. They are always happy to help make a chic purchase.

    Bukhara pattern ikat

    Multicolored harp silk has long conquered the world and continues to fascinate people from all continents with its uniqueness.

    Magnificent Bukhara pattern ikat is fantastic. The ornaments resemble light clouds with vibrating contours, flowing into each other. The motifs can be natural, domestic, abstract or geometric. Especially popular are images of trees, flowers, household items. Symbolism and sacral images are also popular in ikats. Ikat paintings are also called cloudy, marble, watercolor, abstract, vibrant, flame. All these words are true for Bukhara ikats. The ornaments on them can remind of clouds or flames floating on the sky, patterns on marble and abstract paintings. They are so incredible and so versatile that you can admire them endlessly for a long time, as a true artistic masterpiece.

    If you want to buy a large wholesale batch of Bukhara ikat, then contact our managers. We can help you make the purchase easy and enjoyable, as well as take care of fast delivery. Please feel free to contact us. We are always glad to help you.

    A wide range of oriental ikat fabrics in our online store will help you to make the right choice!