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    We invite you to the wonderful world of oriental products presented in our catalogs. One of the masterpieces of the East is suzani.

    If you are interested in selling Uzbek suzani for sale, then our catalog presents a wide selection of textile goods. Products are made in different styles and techniques. There are handmade and machine-made suzani. Canvases have different sizes and basis. Contact our specialists to learn more about the items on showcase. All pictures are realistic. The detailed descriptions will help you make the right choice. It is very easy to order. Put your favorite model in the shopping cart and follow the instructions. If you have difficulty in choosing or placing an order, please contact the manager on the website or by phone. A specialist will promptly respond to your request.

    Small suzani

    Small suzani are often used as tablecloths and dastarkhans. Choyshab embroidery is used to cover niches where household items, clothing, and utensils are kept.

    Small suzani are also in demand as cushion covers. They can be zardevor or kerpech. Home suzani is a huge set of embroidered textiles on a cotton or silk base. The jdoynamaz and belbok, a small prayer rug, are also always present in many Muslim or Islamic homes. They are decorated with special patterns.

    The dowry of an Oriental bride necessarily includes several suzani. Among them are those that bring happiness and protect the family and home. Popular are compositions with a star or moon symbol. Suzani with the central medallion is called "palak" and also have sacred meaning, more important than the usual interior decor.

    Sometimes it is not easy to choose a product for your purposes. That’s why our consultants are always ready to help you. They will competently tell you what you need a piece for.

    Products with full stitching cost the most. In this piece you can’t see the fabric at all, everything is filled with embroidery. They will serve you flawlessly for a very long time. They are even passed down as a true treasure. Ornamental embroidery can be very complex and contain protective symbols, along with natural, geometric and abstract ornaments.

    Wall tapestry small

    Small wall tapestries are especially popular. They are present in every oriental house. And Europeans, Americans also gladly decorate their homes with such masterpieces.

    In our store you can buy a wall tapestry small with a variety of decor. All the colors and ornaments are carefully chosen to make a complete composition, pleasing to the eye.

    Small suzani is also used as a cape, "joypush". Some cloths are decorated with braid or border, which gives them even more beauty and elegance.

    Bukhara suzani embroidery

    The most popular suzani produced in Bukhara, Fergana and Nurata. Bukhara’s suzani are embroidered on a cotton or silk base using silk threads only. Embroidery is usually very expressive, bright and voluminous. The composition may consist of repeating small elements or have an iconic central accent

    Embroidery wall décor is used not only in homes but also in public places, restaurants and hotels, guest houses and tea houses.

    We offer a large selection of small suzani for different purposes. Products are made by the best embroiderers in the East. They vary in technology (Bosma, Iroko, Yurma, Begiz and others) and color schemes. These can be very delicate suzane for the bedroom or bright, eye-catching wall mats for the living room.

    Bukhara’s suzani embroidery is usually done on a cotton base with silk threads. Some embroideries may be incomplete or have deliberate inaccuracies. This reminds people that only Allah is perfect, and it is inherent in human error. Sometimes suzani contains elements of epigraphy, which contains folk wisdom or suras from the Koran. If you wish, you can order a suzani with your favorite epigraph.

    We collaborate with the best masters and embroiderers, who create real masterpieces of this most ancient and sophisticated art. Prices for products in our online store are very democratic, because they do not have intermediary markups.

    Great choice in our online store is sure to please you!