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    We are glad to welcome you on the pages of our cozy oriental online boutique. Here you will find the most delightful handmade items created by the best masters of the East. They are based on the ancient traditions and worldview of oriental sages. After all, they knew that their own world should be filled with love. Things presented in our catalogs are made with great love for their business.

    Decorative handicrafts are incredible and unique. After all, it is impossible to repeat exactly the same pattern, ornament or inlay. Such products are incomprehensible mind but coveted by the heart.

    We offer you to buy handmade decorative items to decorate your life with really valuable things. It is also important to know that with each of your purchases you are contributing to the noble cause of reviving folk arts and crafts and resurrecting the great Eastern heritage.

    Wooden book holder

    Special beautiful stands have always been made for holy writings. These books are very valuable, though they may be in a cheap binding. It is the truth in them that is precious.

    Elegant and magnificent wooden book holders worthy to emphasize their importance.

    We offer a wide range of traditional laukhs as well as more contemporary bookends. If you saw something beautiful for your precious books, then place the product in the shopping cart and place your order. Buy wooden bookends on our website is very easy and simple. Follow the clear and precise instructions. If you have any difficulties, then contact our manager or online consultant. They will definitely help you. We also have experts on handmade products. If you want to get their advice, also leave a request on the site.

    Wooden book stand

    Such products are usually made of precious wood, which gives them a noble and refined look, increased strength and durability. The traditional wooden book stand is made in a special style and has a very interesting design, as if the palms opened for God’s blessing.

    The craftsman painstakingly and lovingly crafts each and every detail of his product. Engraving or other decorative elements are applied to the wood.

    A wooden bookend can have a folding design so that it is convenient to take it with you wherever you go. The stand can also be shaped like an easel.

    Quran holder

    The Koran has a special place in the life of Oriental people. For this holy book make a special stand, with gilding, inlaid with precious stones and other and ornaments. Of course, not everyone can afford such extravagances. That's why in our showcase you can find less pretentious, but no less beautiful examples made of wood.

    Quran holder is not just a decorative element. It will make reading the holy texts more comfortable and pleasant.

    We offer a wide range of models from the best Uzbek craftsmen. Photos of products are realistic, descriptions are detailed and correspond to reality. The prices are from manufacturers, without any intermediary fees. Catalog replenished and updated weekly. Keep an eye on our new products. Visit us more often.

    Laukh book stand

    The value of such things is always much higher than their price. You are sure to feel it when you take the object in your hands and feel its pleasant texture and aroma.

    Laukh book stand in the classic version is made of precious wood. Each element of the traditional design is chosen very carefully. Then the craftsman with love and patience, takes his time and carefully processes each detail and puts it together. The entire process can be accompanied by a song or prayer. The master always has a special mood and a great mood. Otherwise, he will not be able to create his masterpieces.

    We work with wholesale and retail buyers on very favorable and pleasant terms. We love to give gifts to our loyal customers. Join their number and fill your life with true value.

    A wide selection of oriental bookends in our online store is sure to delight and impress you!