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    Welcome to the world of Oriental exotica and handmade wonders. In our online store you will feel all the beauty and charm of the East, captured in the products of the best masters.

    Decorative handicrafts will always be in trend. They are popular not only in Eastern countries, but also throughout the vast world. They are admired by connoisseurs of the beautiful. Such products decorate the best interiors not only homes but also public, cultural and entertainment facilities.

    Our catalog presents a wide range of handmade products made in oriental styles.

    Moroccan lanterns

    Handmade moroccan lanterns will bring a special oriental charm to any space. They can be very elegant and incredibly stylish, made of different materials, wood or metal.

    Moroccan lantern with the onset of darkness will turn the atmosphere of your home into a real oriental fairy tale, full of wonders and beautiful moments.

    Buy a moroccan lantern for a romantic date or for everyday use. After all, the light that comes from them is magical. They can be multi-colored and create fancy light patterns that can be enjoyed endlessly.

    Our catalog features a wide selection of moroccan lanterns for all tastes. Here you can choose a product directly to match your interior or surroundings. There are also street lanterns in the moroccan style. If there are difficulties with the choice, registration or payment of the order, please contact our manager. Our specialist will definitely help you in any situation.

    Brass lanterns

    Handmade brass lanterns have always been highly valued.  Because they are true works of art, completely unlike anything else. Every item in our collection is a masterpiece of traditional oriental creation and craftsmanship perfection.

    Buy miniature paintings for sale in addition to the lantern to create a special atmosphere.

    In our catalog you will find moroccan style chandeliers and also table, floor and wall lamps of different sizes and configurations. Some models are great for a bedroom or prayer room. Others are for the garden, orangery.

    Moroccan lanterns are known all over the world. If you choose a lantern with colored glass, the lighting effects will be incredibly colorful and amazing. Lanterns with frosted glass are no less attractive. Thanks to them, the space is filled with a kind of mystery.

    Brass lanterns for candles

    The charm of these products is incomparable. They are beautiful in appearance and quite functional. Thanks to the openwork structure of the lantern’s walls, the candlelight casts lots of sparkles. The designs are very simple and easy to use.

    Luxurious brass lanterns for candles not just become a highlight of your interior, but also create an incredible atmosphere of wonders and magic of oriental nights.

    It is so easy to fill your life with the fairy tales of the East and its captivating charm. All you need to do is to buy a brass candle lantern. You can enjoy these amazing lighting effects whenever you want. Just light the candle in the lantern, get comfortable, and feel all the charm of life.

    Moroccan lanterns help to create an atmosphere for relaxation and spiritual-body practice. Ask our expert if you have doubts about your choice. We will surely help you to buy the best.

    Moroccan metal lanterns

    Items can be decorated with embossing or painted on metal.

    Moroccan metal lanterns are popular around the world, not only in Eastern countries. They have captivated the hearts of many inhabitants of our planet in all its parts. It is impossible to remain indifferent to this exquisite beauty.

    Pictures in our catalog are realistic. Detailed descriptions help you choose the best one for you. The catalog is constantly updated with new items. Do not despair if you have not yet met, that desired. Visit our online store more often and you are sure to find what you are looking for. Also, you can make a personal order for your sketch. Uzbek craftsmen will fulfill all your wishes in the best way.

    Buying handmade things, you make an invaluable contribution to the development of traditional crafts and the revival of traditions.

    A wide range of oriental lanterns in our online store will certainly make you happy!