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    If you come to our online store, it means you are looking for something especially beautiful. We are glad to welcome you and offer you a rich collection of handmade products in oriental style. Choose the best for yourself and fill your life with masterpieces.

    This catalog presents oriental rugs in their widest variety. All of them are of perfect quality and are created according to ancient oriental traditions. Carpet weaving of the East is one of the most ancient art forms. We work hard to revive and preserve all its secrets. Therefore, buying handmade products in oriental style in our store, you are also contributing to this great mission.

    Afghanistan rug

    Afghan rugs are handmade, in a way that is more than 1,000 years old. The best masters pass the secrets of carpet weaving from mouth to mouth. The products are of very high quality and high density. They are made of camel or karakul wool and only natural dyes.

    Afghanistan rugs are represented by a wide variety. They are smooth kilim, beldzhik, chubi, kazakh and other varieties. They may also be called by the region in which they are produced. Sometimes they may be called Pakistani-Afghan carpets. Their differences are quite insignificant. Also, each weaver has his own technique of weaving and applying ornaments.

    Among the representatives of oriental carpets, Afghan rugs may seem more colorful, with strict lines and clear outlines. They have their own special charm and aesthetics.

    They are used both for their direct purpose, by covering the floor, and as an artwork with sacred meaning. This is exactly the kind of product you will find in our catalog.

    Hand woven wool rug

    Hand woven wool rugs warmed the travelers of the caravans on the Great Silk Road. Rugs decorated the luxurious palaces and homes of artisans, temples and teahouses.

    Today, hand woven wool rugs are popular all over the world. Their beauty has long captivated Europe and America.

    The rugs seamlessly fit into any interior design, they will be the center of attraction. If you can't decide what to choose, please contact a consultant on the site or by phone.

    The detailed descriptions and realistic photos are created in a way to facilitate your choice and give full information about the product.

    Rugs can have a silk backing and a wool pile. There are also thin lightweight rugs with different weave densities.

    There is a wide range of sizes and a rich selection of colors and patterns in the catalog.

    Handmade wool rug to order

    It is not uncommon that a person cannot find exactly what he would like to buy for a very long time. Then we suggest to stop looking and order a handmade rug according to your sketch or wishes.

    Handmade wool rugs are more expensive. But they will fully reflect all your wishes.

    The production of the rug will take a lot of time, depending on the complexity and size of the order. Mostly it is not less than 1 month. We work with the best masters in Uzbekistan. Therefore, we can help you with this. Whether it is a gift for newlyweds or especially valuable present for relatives and friends, you can be sure that everything will be done in the best way and in time, which was stipulated beforehand.

    Red wool rug

    Virtually all Afghan rugs are done in red. However, there are very bright red colors, with small inclusions of other colors. So, a little white on red will symbolize peace and pure love combined with joy, happiness, success and wealth.

    Red wool rugs perfectly fit into any interior. They will be a wonderful accent of interior design. As a decorator the rug can be used on the floor or wall.  It can also be used as a cape on a sofa or a couch.

    Buy a handmade afghan rug in our store. Put your favorite piece in the shopping cart and follow the instructions. Enjoy the shopping.

    A wide range of afghan rugs in our online store will impress your imagination!