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    Our online store is a real treasure trove for customers who are looking for something really valuable. We offer a rich selection of handmade goods from the best oriental craftsmen. Enjoy this beauty and take a piece of it into your life! We also want to note that with each purchase you make an invaluable contribution to the noble cause of reviving national traditions and handicrafts.

    Here you can buy cushions with embroidery suzani.

    Throw pillow cover can also be purchased separately.

    All products undergo strict quality control and safety. Only organic, environmentally friendly materials are used in their manufacture. It is very easy to make a purchase. Put your favorite product in the shopping cart and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, please contact the manager on the website or by phone.

    Hand embroidered pillow

    Embroiderers have been greatly valued at all times. Each palace or temple had its own skilled embroiderers. Also, if a girl could embroider perfectly, it was very valuable.

    Hand embroidered pillows are created on the oldest technologies honed by time to perfection. The result are incredible products. They are beautiful and very comfortable to use.

    Suzani is a special embroidery. It is usually made with silk threads on silk or cotton fabric. There are many techniques of applying patterns and ornaments. There are also the secrets of composing artistic compositions. After all, every color, every symbol has its own sacred meaning. Color and texture harmony create true works of art.

    Embroiderer’s work is very painstaking and requires perseverance, talent, energy. Only having these qualities can create a magnificent masterpiece. Pay attention to the handmade cushions in our catalog. They are beautiful.

    Our designers and experts in oriental crafts will help you to choose the best one for you personally, for your home interior or institution. Contact us.

    Embroidered pillow

    Usually, embroiderers sing when they create their artwork. Their voices are as if woven into the pattern on the canvas, and empathic people can feel this gracious energy of oriental beauties-masters.

    Embroidered pillows will worthily decorate any interior and bring goodness, happiness and abundance into it.

    Embroidered pillow will be a small, but very important accent, which creates an incredible beauty and comfort. Pillows with embroidery often have a sacred meaning and can be passed down from generation to generation. That is why they are made for the ages.

    Products presented in our catalog are not just beautiful. They are very practical and easy to care for. Covers can be easily removed and washed gently or by hand. The colors are very consistent and harmonious. Patterns and ornaments are carefully chosen to create a single unique composition. They can be natural or geometric motifs, calligraphy or abstraction.

    The sizes range from small, graceful cushions to voluminous cushions. The most popular sizes of cushions: 50x50, 50x70, 70x70. Shapes of decorative cushions with suzani embroidery can be any: square, round, oval, rectangular.

    Suzani embroidery pillow

    Our catalog has realistic photos and detailed descriptions of each item. If you have any doubts about the choice, please contact our consultant.

    Suzani embroidery pillows are real works of art. Take this piece of oriental beauty in your house, and life will play with wonderful new colors. The interior will be changed, as if by magic, if on the sofa will lie a few Suzani cushions. Pillows with suzani embroidery are made in different styles and techniques. They are suitable not only for Arabic and oriental interiors, but also look appropriate for modern styles, such as grunge, fusion, modern and many others.

    Embroidered throw pillow

    Products are made according to the most ancient technology, which is carefully preserved and handed down to the chosen few. Embroidered throw pillows are part of the East cultural heritage. Such items will emphasize your excellent taste and nobility, shade the refinement of interiors.

    Embroidered throw pillows suzani used in home and public interiors to create an aura of oriental fairy tale and luxury.

    A wide range in our online store will certainly help you choose the best for yourself!