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    Uzbekistan is famous for ikat, the national fabric with original ornaments. Modern ikat fabric origin is made by hand and on modern equipment. We preserve the tradition and wisdom of the ages, offering our customers the ikat fabric from the best manufacturers. It is a true work of art. After all, this craft has been inscribed in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

    Silk ikat has a special nobility and elegance. Flowing waterfalls of silk with original colors and prints adorn many public and cultural institutions in the oriental style. These are restaurants, cafes, hookah rooms and others. Such textiles create a special charming atmosphere. Clothes made of silk ikat are worthy of sheikhs and kings.

    The velvet ikat has an incredible charm. It gives a pleasant tactile sensation to the body, pleases the eye with its luxurious appearance and creates maximum comfort for a person. It is also used to upholster furniture and decorative elements of the interior. Very beautiful decorative cushions are sewn from velvet ikat.

    Velvet ikat fabric

    Among the abundance of fabrics made in the ikat technique, velvet has a special nobility. It is a true multicolored treasure of Central Asia. Velvet ikat fabric with its color combinations and ornamental solutions delight the whole world. The technique of making such fabrics is very complex. Especially valuable is the fabric created by hereditary masters by hand. The patterns of such fabrics often have a sacred meaning. In different historical periods, they had an impressive fate. Velvet ikat was a strategic commodity, a symbol of luxury and success. Abstract patterns had a divine intent. Some ikats were made with calligraphic tyrases, (inscriptions) with deep sacred meaning. Such decor emphasized the highest status of the ikat and its owner. The cloth was made in specialized workshops under the strict control of the highest rulers. Especially valuable were semi-silk velvet ikats with cotton basis and silk weft. Clothes made of such cloth were worn by representatives of different estates and ethnic groups.

    In the last century the fabric became elite, especially in Europe and America. Connoisseurs of this art began to actively collect handmade fabrics, which at that time were not easy to obtain.

    Now in our online store you can find variety of fabrics for any taste and needs. On an exclusive request we can find a really precious handmade ikat for you.

    Ask our managers if you need to buy handmade ikat from skillful hereditary masters. Usually, such pieces are not displayed in the catalog.

    Velvet Silk fabric

    Velvet Silk ikat is used for sewing festive clothes and decorating stylish expensive interiors.

    Velvet Silk fabric in our catalog is presented in different color variations. These are sea and nature motifs as well as impressive abstract patterns. Our consultants will help you to choose the best fabric for you personally. They will tell you which fabrics are better to use directly for your needs and wishes.

    We sell ikat in retail and wholesale. For regular and wholesale customers there is a system of discounts and bonuses. Buy fabrics in our online store at producer prices, not only profitable, but also convenient. We have created an excellent service that each of our clients was satisfied with the purchase. Please contact us. We will help you buy the best ikat for your purposes.

    Velvet home decor

    Velvet ikat has been used to enhance and decorate interiors ever since it came into existence. Especially popular for interior fabrics are motifs with calligraphic inscriptions. They were mainly used in temples and palaces of sheikhs. Their price was rather high.

    We offer handmade velvet ikat, which value is high because of its exclusivity. Also, in our range there are more democratic in price fabrics of machine-made. Their quality is impeccable, the colors are durable and saturated.

    Traditional Velvet Ikat Fabrics

    If you want to buy a traditional ikat with iconic ornaments, please contact our specialist. Consultants will help you to choose motifs personally for you, based on the purpose of purchase. Some people buy ikat for everyday or festive clothing. Others need fabrics for interior decoration.

    The great selection on our website makes it easy for you to find what you need!