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    We are glad to welcome you in our online store of oriental products. Here you can buy beautiful handmade things, made in oriental style. Especially popular among the connoisseurs of the beautiful is the persian home decor made by masters in different traditional techniques. When making such items, the master often uses sacred knowledge received from wise teachers in different schools.

    Miniature painting

    Oriental miniature painting is a special kind of art filled with incredible charm and beauty. It is a peculiar organic fusion of reality, mysticism and symbolism.

    Unique miniature painting is represented in the items in our catalog. Images can be made in a single elegant color palette or contain the fullness of color. Products are suitable for decorating interiors or creating personal themed collections. We can help you, if necessary, to choose pieces for your collection.

    To buy oriental style paintings, choose one and add it to your cart. Follow pop-up instructions. It will not take you more than two minutes to register and pay for your order.

    Miniature paintings for sale

    Oriental miniature paintings in ancient times were mainly used for illustrating books. Nowadays miniature paintings decorate the interiors and create an aura of oriental beauty.

    We are selling miniature paintings for sale in Arabian, Iranian, Persian and other styles. The works of Uzbek miniature painters have already gained worldwide recognition. Many of them took a worthy place in private collections. All items presented in the showcases of our online store, are of high artistic value. They are made in traditional techniques. Also, there are more modern miniatures.

    We invite you to have a look at the miniature paintings in our catalog. The photos are realistic and detailed descriptions will help to choose the right one.

    The miniatures reveal the beauty of the world through various scenes from the lives of saints, sages and ordinary people. Their subjects can be multi-layered and have a sacred mystical meaning. Often in miniatures, realism is mixed with symbolism and fantasy.

    The pictures in miniature represent subjects not just pleasing to the eye but taking away into the worlds of delicate sensuality. They must be felt with all your soul. Only then the artist’s idea will appear in all its beauty in front of your eyes. Contemplation will bring true pleasure.

    Iranian miniature painting

    The art of Iranian miniature painting goes back centuries. In each painting or storyline, the deepest connection of the centuries can be traced.

    Admirable Iranian miniature painting can become a highlight of your interior design or a luxury collector’s item.

    In our catalog you can find Iranian miniature paintings with themes from Koran or classic oriental poetry. Also, here you will find works of authorship by famous and yet unknown to anyone but having a huge potential of artists.

    All works are original and checked for authenticity of authorship.

    Ask our manager if you have problems making a choice by yourself or if you are looking for a special piece for your collection. We will definitely help you. Our specialists are experts in their field and know the ins and outs of oriental painting, as well as interior design. They will choose a piece that will perfectly meet your expectations. Feel free to contact them.

    Persian miniature painting

    The peculiarity of Persian miniature painting is generosity of colors that identifies with the fullness and richness of life. Such paintings are filled with universal joy and beauty.

    A wonderful Persian miniature painting will certainly decorate your house or add to your collection. Such things only get more valuable with time. Fewer and fewer artists master the techniques of Persian miniature painting.

    We invite you to have a look at the pieces in our store window. If at the moment you cannot find what you are looking for, come and see us after a while. We are constantly adding new items to our catalogs. Next time you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, the pearl that will bring a note of enchanting oriental beauty and blissful abundance into your life. Such things are necessary for our souls to blossom, filled with unfathomable bliss of the universe.

    The wide selection of oriental miniatures in our online store will surely inspire you!