Why Ikat?

Ikat, a common name in the fashion industry, has only recently gained popularity in the interior design world. Interior designers love playing with these patterns to dress up a modern space. Ikat patterns can make any setting look good, whether the room is minimalistic or eclectic in design.

Ethnic ikat patterns are popular, especially when designing carefree bohemian-styled homes. The traditional patterns of ikat are aesthetically beautiful with a hint of exoticism. These patterns add the required unconventional element to a modern bohemian house which keeps the drama alive.

Ikat and Ikat Fabrics

Ikat, a traditional dyeing technique, is believed to have originated in Indonesia. It also has a strong background in parts of Central Asia, India, and Maritime Southeast Asia. And continues to be produced to date in Southeast and Eastern parts of Asia.

Ikat adopts a distinctive approach called the resist-dyeing technique. In the resist-dyeing technique, parts of the threads are covered to prevent the dye from coloring those sections. The dyed threads are later weaved into a cloth, and when weaving, these threads form particular patterns. The end result is a blurry patterned textile that is fancied by designers. They love mimicking these patterns on wallpapers, rugs, and homeware products.

Ikat fabrics with their distorted patterns and lively colors, are preferred by homeowners and designers to liven up a space. In interiors, these fabrics are predominantly used as upholstery fabrics to cover up sofas, armchairs, and headboards. One might also use these fabrics for curtains, throw pillows, lampshades, quilts, and many more household decor items.

Ikat in Modern Decor

The ones drawn to the bohemian style are usually free-spirited, hippie-like, and accepting of various cultures. Showcasing a homeowner’s personality is the essential part of a boho house. Ergo, the free-spirited traits are visible in the decor. This decor style is unorthodox, unapologetic, and unrestrictive. The style exudes culture and creativity by combining different elements and styles. Layering becomes a crucial factor to help seamlessly blend the various elements and styles. Patterns are a key aspect of layering, and hence, designers love playing with different patterns to give unique twists to their designs. One such pattern commonly used these days is the vintage ikat.

Ikat patterns are distorted geometric designs or motifs. These patterns are unique and eye-catching. Decorating a room with these lovely patterns can create an aura of fascination in the space. Bohemian style readily embraces the artistic expression and the organic designs of the ikat patterns. When it comes to choosing fabrics for a bohemian house, ikat fabrics make a fine choice. These fabrics are colorful and vibrant with delightful yet elegant patterns. The bright colors and patterns bring the excitement necessary in a boho atmosphere without compromising on elegance.

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