Eastern bookstand – laukh

Laukh – is a wooden bookstand. At first glance, it may seem impossible – the laukh wooden book stand is made from a single piece of wood without the use of glue and any fasteners, in its unfolded form it forms a complex system of polished to the shine and decorated with luxurious carving of shelves, it is difficult for an ignorant person to disassemble and assemble such an amazing design.

Laukh – Eastern bookstand

Not every master of woodcarving is able to create a masterpiece called laukh, in it not only the art of a masterfully executed, finished to perfection ornament, but also the unmistakable, mathematically accurate lines and national color.

Initially, laukh was used as a bookstand for the Koran. Unlike the current books, which are convenient to hold in hands, ancient folios containing hundreds of pages, richly encrusted and fastened with metal plates for reliability, it was quite difficult to leaf through the prayer while holding it in hands.

Wooden book stand Laukh

The process of making this wonderful stand is long and time-consuming, a hardwood tree – a walnut or chinar is soaked in water for a whole year so that the dyes from the bark penetrate into the wood, then it acquires an amazingly beautiful pattern, then dried for 10 years and then sawn to pieces, and the mystery of the birth of the masterpiece begins.

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