Afghan hand woven wool carpets

Eastern carpets have conquered the world with their beauty.

Textile products of Asian countries are distinguished by bright coloring, inherent in the region where the product was created. Afghan Rugs or Afghan hand woven wool carpets is not only an exclusive home textiles, but also a work of art, a piece of history. Carpets are made from camel and sheep wool by technologies passed from the older generation to the younger. The history of carpet weaving in Afghanistan includes more than 800 years, but historians believe that it includes much more years. Some experts say that Afghanistan the birthplace of oriental carpets, but it is impossible to prove or deny it.

For many centuries, the process of making Afghan carpets has not changed much. Each region has its own secrets of carpet weaving.

Let’s get acquainted with this incredibly fascinating world!

Afghan carpets made of wool

Every place, be it Kabul, Andhoy, Herat and others, have their own traditions of making carpets, which are carefully passed down from generation to generation, from older to younger. The technique of processing wool (astrakhan, goat or camel), methods of dyeing textile fibers and the spinning process in different regions differs significantly. However, it is not so noticeable to ordinary people, as special ornaments and colors, designer tricks and styling. Carpets differ in nodular density, the length of the pile or may be lint – free (kilim, sumahi), with or without a base.

“Altibolak” – actually the name of the village in the province of Farjab, where these carpets come from. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they are made from camel wool, the density of nodules is average, which makes it possible to create incredibly beautiful ornaments, high-quality products.

“Andkhoy” – they are made by the people of Erazi from astrakhan fur, they have rich ornamentation, they are very diverse in the color palette, where natural and colored fibers are combined.

“Achha” – are also woven by the people of Erazi of astrakhan wool, but mostly of red color, have their own ornament.

“Bezeheri” – carpets with floral motives, distinguished by a spectacular pattern with a black edging.

“Balutsh” – carpets with low density of nodules, which can affect wear resistance and quality, but rich ornaments and unusually bright color palette make them especially attractive.

“Mazari-Sharif” – represent a ribbon of geometric patterns. Carpets of Mauri, Saruk and Parda are also woven in this province.

“Quarkwine” – the classic ornament of “elephant’s feet” is performed on a bright red background with dark colors (deep indigo, black).

“Chubi” – it is a plant motives in all its glory!

The choice is so rich that you can choose a carpet for an interior made in any style. Most of all, Afghan carpets are suitable for interiors in oriental style, country, minimalism, rustic. Their brightness and originality will bring a little bit of hot Afghan sun into the space!