Uzbek khan-atlas

The charm of silk is pleasing to all. Lovely senses of tenderness and light coolness, delivered by it, and the appearance of silk fabrics is luxurious, whether it is light chiffon or a noble atlas. We will tell you about the unique silk of Central Asia – about the khan-atlas.

Modern decorative fabrics differ in variety, but classic fabrics still remain the favorites. The word “atlas” itself is translated from Arabic as “smooth”, but this is not its only merit.

Atlas fabric has a smooth surface with a beautiful luster. When it is made, a special kind of thread weaving is used. Fine drawing (combs, snake traces, floral ornaments) also has a protective function, and iridescent coloring brings the joy of life.

Uzbek khan atlas

Khan atlas is produced in Uzbekistan. Margilan has the largest production facilities. Margilanian silk is highly valued all over the world. The handmade material is less common. Now the machines are doing all the work. However, if you want, you can find a copy, woven by hand. Raw silkworm cocoons serve as the raw material for fabric creation.

What are the features of the khan atlas? In a unique color. The color palette contains the whole spectrum of colors, which gives the fabric a special uniqueness.

khan atlas

There is a legend that in the old days the aging ruler of Margilan chose the young artist’s daughter to be his wife. However, the father of the beauty was not delighted with this proposal and came to the palace with a request to leave his daughter alone. Khan set the condition: if the artist can create something more beautiful than his daughter by the morning, he will cancel his decision. The sad girl’s father spent all night thinking, and next morning he went to the stream and sobbed. In the stream all the colors of the rainbow played the sun’s rays, and when tears fell into the stream, then on the watery surface the incredibly beautiful drawings appeared. Then the artist found a brilliant solution – he created a fabric, light as air, cool as the water of a stream, sparkling and shimmering with all the colors of the rainbow.

Khan was struck by the beauty and elegance of the fabric and called it “Khan-atlas”, he had to change his intentions. The daughter of the artist married a young son of the khan.

Since then this fabric is noble and most valuable in Uzbekistan. Khan-atlas is used when sewing traditional festive backgammon for girls and women. It generously presents his beauty and coolness.

The exclusive feature of this silk, consisting in the original color solution, appealed to Russian and foreign fashion designers. Vintage fabric is used for sewing collectible clothing models by designers around the world.

Khan atlas is in the trend for several years not only in tailoring, but also in interior decoration. The material is used to decorate and create a favorable atmosphere in premises for various purposes: residential, public, commercial. Symbols, organically woven into a pattern, protect the owner from life’s troubles, bring happiness and luck.