Tashkent will be the venue for the impressive International Symposium on IKAT

Tashkent will be the venue for the impressive International Symposium on IKAT in October 2020

Along with unique architecture, centuries-old cultural and gastronomic traditions, Uzbekistan is famous for its national fabrics. Ikat can rightly be called a work of art and a visiting card of the country. Cheerful, bright, rainbow, ikat fully conveys the flavor and life of the mysterious and hospitable East.

This was announced at a press conference in May this year at the UzbekIpakSanoat Association. The upcoming symposium will focus on such a unique format of traditional silk and semi-silk handmade fabric as the incomparable IKAT and its features. The organizers of the future forum are WorldCraftsCouncilAsia – Pacitic, the Association of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Uzbekistan, UzbekIpakSanoat, LLC “Yodgorlik” and Human House Gallery, which indicates a high level of its representativeness. The meeting with journalists was an active dialogue with prominent Uzbek and foreign experts and guests. The press conference was led by Natalya Musina, with her inherent energy and knowledge of the matter. She is an art critic and director of the CaravanGroup network.

Many countries of the world produce ikat. Among them – Japan, Malaysia, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Latin America: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador. And even in Europe there is a place where people create fabrics in this complex technique. This is Mallorca.

It is time to bring Uzbek traditional handmade fabrics to the world level. An international ikat symposium scheduled for October 2020 will open a new page in this direction.

Step by step, we learned that all Uzbek traditional fabrics – khan-atlas, adras, shoyi, bekasam, etc. are ikats. Our fabrics differ from foreign ones in that the pattern is applied only on the threads, and the warp stays are single-color. Uzbek ikat, which has gained wide popularity in many other countries, are distinguished by their special beauty, richness of drawings and ornaments. As Natalya Konstantinovna noted, Uzbekistan is actively participating in international ikat symposium, and constantly attract the attention of all participants in the global fashion market.

The attention of the press was drawn to the fact that for the first time in October 2020, the International Ikat Symposium will be held in Tashkent. The first symposium was held in London, the second in India, the third in Malaysia in 2017, where it brought together more than 15 participating countries with great experience and traditions. The program of the future Tashkent symposium includes a large exhibition of ikat from different countries, round-table meetings and a scientific conference. Its participants will be Uzbek and foreign experts, famous researchers and scientists.

Their participants will be such leading Uzbek and foreign experts as, for example:

Elmira Gul (Uzbekistan), Marie Christine Tseng (Malaysia), DrSitthichai (France), Doctor Smanchat (Thailand), Dinara Chochunbaeva (Kyrgyzstan) and others. The symposium will be attended by the best masters and designers of ikat fabric around the world. Uzbekistan is represented by the world-famous master in the production of this type of fabric, Rasul Mirzaakhmedov from Margilan. At the exhibition, one can also see fabrics by the perfect masters of ikat Fazlitddin Dadodzhanov, Mansur Mirzakhonov, products of the “Yodgorlik” factory.

As part of the symposium, an impressive FashionShow of leading designers from ikat countries will be organized. Famous designers from India, Thailand, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, the Philippines, young designers using ikat in their models from Russia, France, and India are invited to participate in it. During the fashion show, collections of the leading designers of our country will be presented: Saida Amir, Marhamat Umarova, Khihola Sher, Taisiya Chursina, Alexandra Chichinova and others.

Following the results of the symposium, it is planned to publish a collection of articles on modern ikat and to make a documentary film. The guests, together with Rasul Mirzaakhmedov, will also be able to visit Samarkand and Margilan, where they can learn a lot of interesting things about the sphere of unique Uzbek ikat. This will be the final chord of a large-scale cultural event.

As the candidate of art history, restaurateur, organizer of the IV International Ikat Symposium Natalya Musina explained, it is extremely important to attract all possible funds for this event at a high level.

International organizers and curators of the project:

Vice President of the World Council, Malaysian designer Edric Ong and Vice President of the World Council, Textile Specialist Manjari Nerul.

They are also the curators of the exhibition on the world ikat, which takes place during all such symposia in the world, and the organizers of international fashion shows of ikat clothes.

“The organizers have an idea – to present our national fabrics to world-famous designers to create collections and show them around the world. Our ikat deserves to take pride of place in a number of countries producing these fabrics. Uzbek ikat is fashionable and famous, but we are talking about antique fabrics, the achievements of antiquity. Our goal is to bring modern ikat to the same level of recognition, popularity and quality. ”