Ikat backpacks – a new trend that has conquered modern society

Backpacks came into fashion again. And no wonder. After all, it is very convenient to travel with them in a modern metropolis.

The main advantage: the backpack can be worn behind the back, so the hands remain free. It is much more comfortable with it to walk around the city, to walk long distances. And even ride a bike.

The first rule: a fashionable backpack can be mainly made of leather, fabric and raincoat; it looks respectable, with it you should in no case be reminiscent of an ordinary tourist from the forest, who has everything behind him for everything you need.

Have you asked yourself how backpacks appeared and who came up with this type of carrying a bag with straps?

So, In ancient times, when people tirelessly wandered, there was an urgent need to have a convenient bag for carrying things. The very first version of the backpack was found along with the remains of a primitive man in the Alpine mountains. It was a small bag sewn from pieces of leather and dressed on a wooden frame. With its help, it was possible to distribute the excessive load on the back and travel long distances.

The model and design of the backpack has constantly evolved, depending on the scope. In 1904, the first backpack patent was registered and the large-scale production of bulk bags for the army began. It is the Norwegian Ole Bergans that the whole world owes the invention of a standard model, which is still used today. A few years later, tailoring of custom-made backpacks for athletes and climbers began.

Backpacks entered the world of fashion thanks to the love of Muchia Prada for non-standard accessories. She began to use them back in 1985, as a substitute for boring and banal bags, making a splash at fashion shows. Backpacks became an indispensable element in the 90s. Teens and young people make them part of their style. Portfolios of all sizes and colors fill shops and magazine covers. Ateliers offer custom tailoring of backpacks. It is not surprising that this convenient and stylish attribute is once again returning to the pinnacle of popularity.

Ikat Print – Next Generation Backpacks

What color will choose a real fashionista? It all depends on your own taste and specific wardrobe. Someone likes a leather backpack, and someone likes a fabric backpack. But today, a backpack made of ikat fabric or a leather backpack with an ikat pattern is particularly popular.

What things can be combined with an ikat-style backpack? Not only with trousers and jeans, but also with long romantic skirts to the floor, wide-brimmed hats. And also with leather and suede jackets or coats, with a variety of raincoats and denim sets.

Who are the backpacks for? First of all, for young people. Twenty-year-old people look especially organic with a backpack. But for adults it’s also suitable. And at thirty, forty, and at fifty it is not necessary to refuse it. Moreover, a backpack is able to rejuvenate its owner. And who doesn’t want to throw a decade off the shoulders? After all, everyone knows that a backpack is a symbol of a traveler, a person who does not stand still, but moves forward. A person who comprehends the new, goes through life with the proudly raised head of the researcher and discoverer. In fact, a backpack over your shoulders will add dynamism to any look.

A backpack is a stylish and practical everyday accessory that has long ceased to be associated only with schoolchildren and tourists. Depending on the choice, this thing will add charisma, add an image of romance or rigidity. A well-chosen backpack is not only very convenient to use, but also emphasizes the individuality of the owner. If initially such an accessory, like a backpack, was an accessory exclusively of a sports style, today the fashion for this thing is not limited to any one direction. Every season, many models of various styles appear on the podiums, among which any fashionista will choose a backpack to her liking.

A modern fabric backpack is a great alternative to a leather backpack. To make such an accessory, a practical and wear-resistant fabric is used. Tarpaulin or cotton material, polyester can be selected as materials for tailoring. Such models of backpacks are treated with a special solution that increases the moisture resistance of the product and protects its color from sunlight.

Thus, a fabric backpack will become not only a stylish complement to the image, but also a practical thing that is simple and easy to care for. An ikat pattern is usually applied to such a fabric, or a fabric with an embossed ikat pattern is made. For many models of this type, even machine washable. The advantage of a fabric backpack is that the accessory can be easily folded. And besides, these backpacks are lightweight and very spacious.

The trend to wear a backpack instead of a bag appeared not so long ago, however, every year it is gaining more and more popularity among people of different ages. Freeing up two hands, this accessory gives you more freedom and allows you to easily open an umbrella or take an additional package. Among the advantages of 2019 backpacks, their special spaciousness stands out. The stylish and original appearance of the accessory is combined with special practicality. This thing is always useful on a long journey.

In recent years, the use of backpacks instead of bags has already become a tradition among people of different ages and professions. Among the most popular trends of the coming year, sports style products are traced. Ikat-style backpacks are suitable not only for the younger generation, but also for adults. Unlike bags, a backpack looks youthful and stylish. The original ikat-printed backpack is not only comfortable and spacious, but will also be able to cheer up the hostess and others, thanks to its cute and unusual appearance.