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Cotton weaving vs silk ikat weaves

The weaving of cotton cloth was the most common domestic handicraft of the oasis towns [...]

Suzani for home décor and upholstery

A person of Western lifestyle cannot stop wondering when he first comes to a traditional [...]

Ikat – as a modern trend

Khan-atlas, adras, suzane, bakhmal, ikat won the hearts and settled in the wardrobes of far [...]

What is the uniqueness of ikat fabric?

Ikat is not only the name of a fabric with blurry patterns. This is the [...]

What symbols are hidden in suzani?

An ancient tradition says: so that the weddings in the house do not end, so [...]

Giant suzane

Giant suzane One of the most extraordinary and historically rich oriental products is suzane, that [...]

A true history of blue indigo ikat

Technique of making ikat is by nature conservative. A production process is difficult to change; [...]

The content of hand woven Ikat fabric

Ikat making refers to the tie-dyeing method which gives the textiles their unique vibrancy of [...]