Ikat – as a modern trend

Khan-atlas, adras, suzane, bakhmal, ikat won the hearts and settled in the wardrobes of far from not only Uzbek girls, but also world-famous fashionists. Perhaps the most popular in the fashion industry have earned the traditional Uzbek fabrics made by ikat technology. Traditional ikat is the most complex and entirely manual technic of weaving. Ikat is characteristic not only of Uzbekistan, but it is the Uzbek print that is different in the design which is applied only to the warp threads, while the weft — the transverse threads of the fabric — remains the same color. Thus, the fabric gets a beautiful and complex in color shimmer.

Fabrics, made in the technique of ikat, are very different and perfect for tailoring and finishing accessories, utensils, interior items. This unusual pattern really conquered all spheres of design – from podiums to interiors. Ornament ikat is not only upholstery, carpets and curtains. The ikat ornament is very close to the ethnic style. It can be found on dishes and wallpaper, lamps and tablecloths.

If you love creativity with your own hands, there is a chance that the ikat product you dream of will appear in your home. You only need a piece of cloth-ikat, and you can make anything from it. For example, to decorate a serving tray or make a spectacular cover on a chest of drawers in the American style, insert it into a small frame like a picture or create a large-scale panel.

Do you dream to draw ikat on the walls yourself? And this is possible, although the process cannot be called simple. You will need a stencil, which is first created in a graphic editor. You will find some ideas on the theme of ikat styling for decorating walls in the appropriate section.

Discover the richness of the fashionable ornament, even if you prefer a conservative style: ikat is an ethnics, which means it is in harmony with traditional interiors, adding to them a note of colonial.

Uzbek national motifs on world podiums

Ikat is gaining more and more popularity on the podiums of the world and is no longer just recognizable in the fashion world, but one of the main fashion trends. At the end of the 20th century, world-famous couturiers paid close attention to ikat. And the first among those who brought ikat to the podium was for now deceased founder of the Oscar de la Renta fashion house. Thanks to his spring-summer collection of 2005, this ornament entered the elite and became a fashion trend for clothing and interior design. Of the 59 outfits presented on the podium at that time, 6 included clothing and accessories that show ikat in all its brightness, liveliness and ethnicity. Other leading fashion houses immediately applied the stunning find to their collections.

Ikat is known all over the world. It is used not only in clothing, but also in the interior. Especially in Europe, many couturiers use not only fabric, but also ikat ornament, because it is the brightest and most saturated. Ikat is a very old fabric. Probably, Europe is just beginning to understand all the advantages of this fabric. And if among them it only flashes in some collections of designers, then in a couple of years ikat will probably become a trend to the whole world.

In the 2008 collection, de la Renta again chose a multi-color print as a leitmotif, demonstrating its completely different facets — restrained and refined. Oscar de la Renta used ikat in the fall 2013 collection. Without exaggeration, one can argue about the designer’s love for ikat and our love for Oscar for its popularization.

The fashion house Balenciaga in the fall 2007 collection supported the idea and secured the status of the main trend of the 2000s to ikat. A bright Uzbek print appeared at once and very effectively in the Dries Van Noten collections in spring – summer 2010. And, of course, Gucci of the same season, which is quite natural, given the influence of the previously mentioned brand Balenciaga, part of the Gucci Group.

Mark L.A.M.B., created in 2003 by singer and actress Gwen Stefani, also did not bypass ikat in the spring 2011 collection.

Naeem Khan – American brand of fashionable women’s clothing and favorite fashion designer Michelle Obama – in the fall 2011 collection presented some sophisticated and very stylish total ikat look.

Proenza Schouler is a fashion brand of women’s clothing and accessories, based in New York, has always been distinguished by high craftsmanship and attention to detail. An exception was not the collection of autumn 2011, when the founders of the brand used ikat in creating images for the so-called street fashion. Insolence, underlined in a bright print, made the collection one of the most popular of the season.

Emilio Pucci actively used ikat in the 2014 pre-fall collection. It is worth saying that the brand is known for its love for vivid images, and therefore the use of ikat became a pattern rather than a surprise.

Ikat did not pass by the eccentric Roberto Cavalli. Despite the unconditional love of the couturier to animal prints, ikat took its rightful place in the 2014 cruise collection.

It finally became clear that with the light hand of the fashion house Oscar de la Renta, Ikat firmly secured its right to be present in the collections of designers. And the rebellious brand Isabel Marant with a collection of autumn – winter 2015—2016 is proof of this.
Designers Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, who led the Oscar de la Renta brand, demonstrated the spring-summer collection 2019, which used ikat, in New York this September.

It is natural that from the world’s podiums our national print migrated to the collection of popular brands of the mass market. Zara, HM, Forever 21 quickly picked up the idea and contributed to the popularization of print among the fashionable youth of the whole world.

It is logical that the beloved print was actively used not only in the total look, but also in a variety of accessories. Exotic Dior fashion hats, Tom Ford shoes for men and Manolo Blahnik women’s shoes, Matthew Williamson shoes and bags, Julian Louiex Aldo platform sandals, Sophie Gittins open sandals, a Diana for Furstenberg e-reader cover, popular bags and clutches of Rafe New York for a long time came into use of all those who one way or another follow fashion trends and try to keep up with global trends.

Ikat in the interior is not only dishes or upholstery, carpets and curtains; it can be met anywhere. Designers offer ikat as a partial and full print for wallpaper or curtains. Traditionally, in the collections of trendsetters of interior design ikat is applicable to details – small and large – and it gives the rooms a note of oriental flavor and comfort.