Interesting facts about various fabrics. A dream about fabric: what does it mean?

Interesting facts about various fabrics. A dream about fabric: what does it mean?

In countries practicing Islam, men are not allowed to wear silk clothes in the Koran, since shiny fabrics are traditionally considered women’s. Islam is also forbidden to destroy animals for the pursuit of luxury, so Muslim countries cannot engage in silk production either.

When trying to relocate cashmere goats to England and Scotland, it turned out that their fluff from this began to lose their valuable qualities and ceased to be suitable for the production of cashmere.

Two monks secretly took eggs from silkworm larvae from China, hiding them in the arms of the staves, and presented them as a gift to the king of Byzantium.

According to legend, the first pashmina shawl appeared in Europe with Josephine, the wife of Napoleon, whom the great conqueror presented to his wife as a romantic gift. The woman was fascinated by a luxurious and delicate product, the fame of which quickly spread outside of Europe.

Scientists have reliably established that the substances contained in flax seeds can very beneficially affect the cure of breast cancer in women.

Nanotechnology will soon allow the creation of intelligent fabrics that will be able to change their color or ornament in accordance with the desire of their owners.

The camel wool fabric
The camel wool fabric

Back in Soviet times, they made blankets from camel hair, which you will not find today in the afternoon with a light. Now, the extremely soft hair of a camel in the manufacture of fabric is used in combination with other types of woolen fibers. Such fabrics are used to sew coats and sportswear. They have a beautiful color, most often dark shades of brown. 22 ounces of such fabric give as much heat as 32 ounces of fabric made from other types of wool.

The French-made indigo shade of denim made by the world-famous jeans inventor Levi Straus acquired because he had run out of brown canvas from which his first jeans were made. So the first Levi’s blue jeans were born.

A dream about fabric: what does it mean?

A dream about velvet is considered a favorable sign. Success awaits you. If in a dream you are dressed in velvet clothes, this means that fans will show interest in you, you will gain respect and fame.

Silk, seen in a dream, says that you will restore relations with a person who for some reason avoided you. Or all your plans will come true successfully. If a girl sees an old silk dress in a dream, then a wealthy, but middle-aged gentleman will look after her.

The biggest luck is considered to see linen in a dream. This is a symbol of absolute success in any business.

Buying jeans in a dream – you have trouble, the need to solve many problems. Old jeans in a dream – resistance to change. If a man has a dream with jeans – this is a subconscious unwillingness to have a family.

Seeing a scene through a curtained window and experiencing awkwardness and inconvenience – you are trying to diligently hide certain things from others. If in a dream the tulle is inflated by the wind – you will find a beautiful and romantic, but short love affair.

Interesting facts about various fabrics
Interesting facts about various fabrics

To make drapes in a dream means only one thing – impossible tasks for you do not exist. Wearing a draped coat in a dream is a concern about a lack of money.

To see the cloth is an unexpected wealth.

The fabric seen in a dream is a betrayal by people you think are friends.

A girl who dreamed of lace will never suffer from a lack of fans. Buying lace is for wealth. To sell is a signal that you are too unreasonable to spend.

Cut clothes in a dream – you will soon have to solve the problem of delicate properties. If the pattern is wrong, it means that you are disturbed by some news.

If by occupation you have to deal with fabrics, patterns and clothes all day long, and then you dream about all this at night, then you should slow down or go on vacation altogether. The same dream for a person who does not know which business he should start is a sign from above.

If you dreamed of everything that was written here and nothing happened at the same time, then you develop a dependence on dreams, which can turn into paranoia if you do not catch on time. You have to stop looking for a clue in your dreams and find another way of dialogue with your subconscious. Even the Holy Scriptures say that dreams come with many worries.