Ikat Pillows & Pillowcases

For the first time pillows were used as a decorating element for a long time. With their help, designers placed accents using products with a bright color or print. Over time, this became quite popular, most beginning designers adopted an easy but effective way to dilute the background of a room.

The decorative pillow is a small decorative piece of upholstered furniture made from a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, linen, silk, leather, microfiber, suede, satin and velvet. Throw pillows are often used in interior design and have a wide range of shapes, sizes, and decorative elements, such as brushes and pipe edges. The most common decorative pillow designs are square. In the UK, the decorative pillow is often called the scatter cushion.

Throw pillows are usually (loosely) placed on sofas or armchairs, but often used on beds, couches and floors. Decorative pillows serve both aesthetic and functional purpose. Throw pillows are commonly used to knit colored accents in a room, often painting colors in draperies, walls or rugs. From a functional point of view, throw pillows can provide support for the back, neck and head.

However, the simplest throw pillows do not have holes and are often loosely filled, which means the absence of an insert. These pillows do not have any additional decorations, such as tassels or tubes. These designs are mainly designed for sewing beginners. As a rule, decorative pillows combine a removable cover and the filler itself. The cover can be easily removed and cleaned, or the filler can be replaced if it becomes too flat or causes allergies. Covers, commonly referred to as decorative pillow cases or pillow cases, are often sold separately from the filler. These covers have a zipper hole, which comes in two versions: an envelope that is used to hide the zipper in the back, and a hidden hole that is at the bottom, on the back of the pillow.

As a filler for decorative pillows, materials such as sintepon and holofiber are most often used. Such a choice is due to the fact that these materials hold the shape better than others and do not roll down.

Cover envelope with hidden zipper
The envelope hole has an extra piece of fabric on the back of the case and covers approximately 50% of the back of the pillow. The envelope is used to hide the zipper and greatly facilitates the removal of the cover. This style uses more fabric for the envelope, and even more so if there is a pattern on the back side of the pillow that needs to be selected. Envelope holes are more often found on covers that do not have ribbed edges.

Cover with a hidden hole at the bottom
The second option is a hidden hole with a zipper, which is located on the bottom and back of the pillow. This style is usually used with covers with edging, which also helps to hide the zipper. This design uses less fabric than open envelopes.

Decorative Ikat Pillows

The second part of the decorative pillow is the insert, which is designed to fit into the pillow and provide the body and comfort of the pillow. The inserts are usually filled with a down feather or an alternative to down, such as a hollow fiber. Fluff alternatives are ideal for people who are allergic to feathers.

East loves luxurious and heavy fabrics – brocade, velvet, silk, taffeta and satin. The pattern on the fabric is necessarily intricate, complicated, but even so, Uzbek pillows are decorated additionally. In this case there is a fringe, tassels, beads, braid, embroidery, lace, sequins, buttons and even pieces of a decorative mirror. It should be noted that it was from the East that the ability to decorate pillows and other furnishings with quilting – appliqué (patchwork) came.

From the point of view of designer mathematics, Uzbek national pillows do not have to fit into a particular stylistic algorithm. It is wrong to think that their place is only in the “Persian room” or the bedroom, as in “1001 nights”. Our ikat pillows are amazing for their ability to complement any interior: be it high-tech, modern, classic or fusion. Any room will benefit when Uzbek pillows appear in it. And it’s not just aesthetics, but also a culture, the beauty of which cannot be comprehended by pulling out individual elements. Therefore, the hookah corner should be furnished with soft pillow comfort.
We can dream up and create together with you a completely unique, original and charming interior, whose inhabitants and guests will be absolutely delighted. We recommend paying special attention to the high-demand collection of ikat pillows. The subtlety of handwork will amaze your imagination.

Our collection of ikat pillowcases was created from our own ikat fabric. Ikat pillowcases are available in different sizes, you can choose the size you need, as well as the pillows. Each ikat cushion cover closes with an invisible zipper on the sides, unless otherwise specified. Ikat fabrics are a luxurious blend of silk and cotton, so most of our ikat pillowcases are designed for dry cleaning only.
Ikat pillows have become a trend in giving sharpness to interiors and bringing them to a chic eclectic level. In our collection you will find ikat pillowcases made from traditional ikat fabric. These ikat pillowcases are not just a craft to be appreciated for its handmade aspect. They are also a mixture of ikat weaving traditions with modernity, simplicity and luxury.

Unique national decorative pillow cases handmade in the style of “IKAT” will create a unique and elegant oriental atmosphere in your home or any other place.

The pillowcase is made with a double-sided pattern and a secret zipper, it is easy to wash and replace. The color scheme of pillowcases can be any according to your desire.
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