How to choose the best pillow shapes to enhance your decoration and make a room feel complete?

Would you like a different room style from time to time? Well, painting the walls or changing the furniture can result in an expensive solution that most of us may not be able to afford. If that your case, a simpler and cheaper way to give an instant makeover to your room is to include a set of decorative ikat throw pillows, velvet pillow covers or maybe even a few suzani pillows placed strategically here and there. With this modification you can get high style at an affordable price. And if you don’t like it? Don’t worry; you can easily reverse the changes.

But be careful because too much of a good thing can be counterproductive. If the color, pattern or size is not suitable, you will throw the design off balance, and the effect will be either too minimalistic or visually overwhelming.

Never act impulsively, you need to think and compare the best ikat throw pillow option which depends of your budget and taste.  So here’s a little bit of all that pillow stuff you need to know to make the right velvet pillow covers or suzani embroidery choices. Perhaps you can even get inspired to create a highly customized and personalized look with a special set of suzani pillows.

How to choose throw pillows?

Of course everything is important when choosing throw pillows. You want to pay attention to things like size, shape, color and Ikat throw pillow patterns; the number of pillows and the overall style you are aiming for are the basic considerations you need to decide on before you start.

I’ll give you a quick tip: Take a picture of the room so you have a truly realistic judgment of what suits your décor. So here’s what you should know:

How to choose ones that will enhance your décor and make a room feel complete?


The size of throw pillows should  be proportional to the size of your sofa or chair. The average size, should be between 16-18″x16-18. This  will work for a larger sofa – small pillows will simply look out of place on a roomy couch. By the same token, if you choose  bigger suzani embroidery pillows or large ikat throw pillows for smaller couches or chairs, you will have to move them or take them off every time you want to sit comfortably.


Normally the fillings for pillows are feather, foam, or a synthetic mix. The feather maintains the shape of velvet pillow covers and suzani embroidery covers best. This filling maintains the pillow shape quite well and is cheaper than goose down, which is much softer and of a better quality, but this option is expensive. Think of how you’re going to use the pillows. If you will use them only as decoration doesn’t matter which kind of material of the fillings, but if you want convenience, It might be a good idea to invest in better filling materials.

Number of pillows

Don’t worry if you end up with an odd number of pillows, there’s nothing wrong about an asymmetrical look, so if you want to have four pillows, don’t give up on the idea.  Just choose 2 identical pairs, preferably one solid velvet pillow cover and one patterned ikat throw pillow on each side.

You don’t need a lot of pillows, only a few, as the more you have, the more frequently you’ll need to  move them to sit . And if you use too many they won’t look good. So just buy a few ikat throw pillows, Suzani pillows and velvet pillow covers to make the room seem romantic and modern.