Alesouk’s Beautiful Oriental Artisan Products Completed My Home

I just recently purchased a house and new furniture. The many rooms though still felt like they were missing something so I went on the hunt for something that would complete them and make each room stand out. I found many websites with products that I liked, but none of them seemed to have the wow factor I was looking for until I found Alesouk. As soon as I logged on to their website I knew that I was going to find exactly what I was looking for.

Kitchen and Dining

My kitchen and dining areas had a rather dull look with a lot of neutral colors. I knew it needed a splash of color. As I began to look over their products, I immediately located their copper and brass tea trays. The tea tray that I decided to purchase was the Moroccan brass tea tray. It had everything that I was looking for. It was a brass tea tray with a decorative copper plate that was encased with traditional islimi design. These types of copperware were traditionally exhibited on shelves throughout the house as decorative furniture.

Living and Sleeping Area

A living area was quite large with minimal furniture just how I liked it. However, the floors are hardwood, and yet again this room was also full of donuts with others. Upon browsing the Alesouk’s website, I located some beautiful oriental rugs for sale. I knew this would be just what I needed to brighten up the space and cover up some of the wood floorings. In the sleeping areas, they were carpeted but as holding true to the tradition of the house were very lacking of color. I decided in these rooms so that it would be best to go with wall art to brighten up the space. The selection of wall art at insert name here was incredible. They offer many different types of wall art including miniature paintings and calligraphy paintings. For my room, I also thought a blue ceramic Uzbek plate that displayed nicely on the center table. The process of ordering these products was very simple. When I receive my product, I was thrilled and satisfied with my choices. My house now feels much more colorful and complete.

Oriental rugs for sale: