Chevron Ikat Pillows & Home Decor Ideas

Ikat pillows have been making quite a statement recently, especially in home decor. Whilst a lot of people are mesmerized by their patterns, unique design, and snuggling potential, incorporating them in home decor might come off as intimidating. Not to worry though because we’re about to give you some insider tips on how to add Chevron ikat pillows/cushions into any home decor style.

As the seasons change, it’s quite normal to feel the need to switch up your home decor a little bit. If you’re not up for going the extra mile to redesign, you can just turn your attention to your pillows. Really? Yes, really! Switching up the pillow arrangement or design on your sofa is a quick and easy way to make your home look more refreshing and cozy for winter. It’s also an opportunity for you to add a sprinkle of your personality into your current home decor.

In our opinion, Ikat pillows have gained so much popularity because of their distinctive patterns derived from the dying techniques used in producing them. Ikat fabrics are now being used a lot in adorning bed headboards, cushions, pillows, curtains, lamp stands, and so on. That being said, let’s show you how you can subtly beautify your living room space or bedroom with some eye-catching Chevron ikat pillows, covers, and cushions according to your home decor style.

9 Home Decor Styles With Chevron Ikat Pillows

Transitional Decor

Transitional home design is the rave right now because it’s like the best of both worlds for people that find traditional designs a little too much and modern decor too extra. If you fall in this category of people that love a little bit of traditional and also contemporary home aesthetics, then here’s how you can incorporate chevron ikat pillows.

This type of home decor emphasizes fewer accessories and finely finished detailing on other elements of the home. Ikat pillows come into play here because just a few on your sofa is enough to make your living room look amazing. If you have more of a neutral color scheme in your living room, get yourself the Luxury Leaves throw pillow or the Tan Polka dot design and watch your space instantly become cozy and luxurious.

Eclectic Home Decor

If your home decor is in the eclectic direction, then you’ll have little or no issues including ikat pillows in your design. Eclectic interior designs focus more on neutral color schemes and textures.

That being said, every piece in this home design is usually hand-picked to showcase personality and style. There are several ikat pillows that will fit perfectly into this design. The Beige Ikat pillowcase can be mixed and matched with the Chevron Grey zigzag pillowcase.

Minimalist Interior Decor

Minimalist home decor won’t be left out of our list even if it believes that less is more. Chevron ikat pillows come in different patterns and colors that can fit into your minimalist home style without seeming too extra. Minimalistic doesn’t always mean neutral colors; your minimal home decor could include different shades of bright colors. Either way, you could opt for the Tan ikat cushion, the Peach Ikat pillow cover, the Black Ikat polka dot, and the Red Violet ikat pillow. It all depends on the direction you want to take.

  • Bohemian Home Decor

This particular home decor style will always remain popular because it never really goes out of style. This “do as you feel” interior aesthetic allows you to freely use accessories like ikat pillows that can give your home an ethnic vibe. The distinct patterns from the Blue Yellow pillow or the Red Organic pillowcase can improve the bohemian feel of your home decor. As an interior style that calls for bold and bright colors, you’ll have a field time styling the Chevron ikat pillows.

  1. Glam/Regency Home Decor

The glam interior design has attention-grabbing pieces with hard-to-miss intricate details. Getting ikat pillows to fit in subtly might be a little challenging but it’s not impossible. All you need to do is to focus on the finishing details and color scheme of your home.

You can then opt for some pillows/cushions that will suit your home design like the Nostalgic ikat pillow cover or the Turkish Design ikat pillows. Take your pick from the wide range of Chevron ikat pillows.

  1. Rustic Decor

Rustic home decor will always stand the test of time. Rustic-looking homes get major inspiration from the outdoors with a touch of sophistication from statement pieces and fine finishing in the wood, stone, leather, and so on. This interior style has a lot of natural materials that are in sync with each other. You’ll find some bold colors and farmhouse details from the Chevron Ikat collection like the Black Accent pillow and the Indian Red Silk pillow that’ll fit in perfectly.

  1. French Country Decor

The french country home decor is quite sophisticated and has a mix of chic, modern farmhouse, and traditional touches. Of course, this style isn’t complete without some antique furniture pieces that need some help to stand out. Chevron ikat pillows can do just that! A few pieces that come to mind are the Red Jacquard Ikat cushion and the Uzbek Handmade cushion to make your antique furniture get some attention.

  1. Scandinavian Interior Design

This decor style is almost similar to minimalist decor but here, more emphasis is placed on simplistic accessories and subtle textures that just give the space a relaxing feel. Ikat throw pillows that can give just a hint of color to brighten up the room like the Classic Green or Unique Ikat Blue pillow should be your pick.

Art Deco Style

The art deco interior style exudes elegance and glam. Eye-catching pieces that work well together in color and patterns made this decor shine in the 1920s and it’s worth leaning towards even in 2022. Throw pillows are important accessories to add here so why not get a few Chevron ikat pillows to add more character to your home? The Chess pillow and Green Dot Designer cushion would work well with your art deco furniture pieces.

Ikat pillows are a must-have these days because the details, colors, and patterns can elevate your home decor and also give a little more personality to your interior design.

Chevron ikat pillows transform your home and are also great for snuggling thanks to their silk and cotton fabrics. Start shopping for a variety of designs here.