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Festivals of Uzbekistan: immersion into an oriental tale. International Festival “Silk and Spices”

In Uzbekistan, annually many festivals, dedicated to the city, the traditions and customs of the [...]

The most beautiful textiles in the world are Uzbek ikat and suzani. Glossary of Uzbek fabrics

There are at least two unique Uzbek textiles – suzani and ikat. Susanis are embroidered [...]

Uzbek skullcap: the origin of the headdress and its symbolism

A skullcap deployed like a sunlit expanse: here, any detail found with a steadfast gaze [...]

Arts and crafts in Uzbekistan

Decorative and applied art of Uzbekistan is an original and exclusive work of folk craftsmen, [...]


Jewelry in Uzbekistan has existed for more than three millennia. It has long been customary [...]