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    Ikat fabric has captivated lovers of fine traditional fabrics with its uniqueness for centuries. Ikat is popular in various countries of the world for its different types and unusual ways of laying patterns. There are several types of ikat fabrics such as cotton ikat fabrics, velvet ikat fabrics, silk gauze fabrics, silk ikat fabrics and many others.

    Traditional fabric patterns have their own symbolic meaning, some combinations protect from enemies, some help attract prosperity, and so on. Typically, ikat fabrics do not use chemical dyes.

    But a characteristic feature of Ikat fabrics for sale from Central Asia can be considered the formation of patterns only in the longitudinal threads, and the cross threads are always monochrome.

    On this website you can read about the different types of silk fabric, get useful information about silk ikat, become the owner of your favorite kind and get great pleasure from its softness and beauty.

    Silk designer fabric

    The ikat fabric used to be woven from cotton and silk using uncomplicated hand tools, but today it is made on modern equipment of textile factories.

    Silk ikat fabric is made from the silkworm cocoons and despite the fact that it looks soft and light, it is very strong and durable.

    Known to mankind for a long time, this expensive fabric is used in many designer clothing collections and to this day does not lose its popularity. Used for sewing outfits silk designer fabric looks flowing, shiny and delicate.

    Silk designer fabric is incredibly beautiful and is divided into several types. For example, there is satin, gas, organza, crepe, silk-satin, taffeta and many others. Each fabric is peculiarly beautiful and differs in sewing method, density, brightness of colors, luster and many other characteristics.

    Despite the capriciousness and fastidiousness in care, silk fabrics are very popular and loved. Silk ikat fabric is a shiny and soft material, which can be dyed in different shades. It is very wear-resistant, breathable and absorbs moisture well.

    Silk ikat fabric for sale

    Silk ikat fabric can be purchased in many different ways. You can buy such fabric by visiting stores that sell national fabrics or order ikat fabrics online, through an online store.

    The advantage of ordering silk ikat fabric through an online store can be considered a significant savings - you do not have to travel to the other end of the earth, spending your precious time and money.

    You can buy silk ikat fabric for sale in our online store. Here we provide a wide range of ikat fabrics of different kinds, ranging from the most practical to the most expensive and elegant silk ikat fabrics.

    There are several types of silk ikat fabrics such as satin, gauze ikat, crepe, organza, silk-satin, taffeta, tuale, chiffon, dupont and others.

    Each kind is beautiful and elegant in its own way. Any woman, touching a silk fabric, will not be able to resist the stunning smoothness and tenderness of this fabric. And of course, it's always desirable to put this fabric on the face or body, thereby feeling like a real queen of the Eastern fairytale.

    Ikat fabric by the yard

    Ikat fabric by the yard can be used not only for making clothes, but also to decorate home, restaurant or any other place. Such a fabric will create an amazing style and add a touch of oriental charm to any interior.

    Wet silk is used for interior design, specifically for decorating walls. It has an excellent texture, does not burn or smolder, and is very beautiful and durable.

    Ikat fabric by the yard is also used to make closet items and produce items such as curtains, bedding, bedspreads, furniture covers and seat upholstery.

    Silk fabric by the yard

    Silk fabric ikat is very versatile, this fabric is used for sewing not only summer but also winter clothes, the main condition in this case, sew clothes so that the body feels comfortable at any ambient temperature.

    Buying silk fabric by the yard, you can create a masterpiece evening ladies dress, or decorate the interior of any place, whether it is upholstery for furniture, decorative cushions, tablecloths or runners for the dining table.

    Through the sale of silk fabric ikat on our site you can buy any silk fabric and plunge into the magical oriental world of warmth and harmony.