About Kilim Area Rugs and the Selection at Alesouk

Adding a rug to a room is one of the easiest ways to add an accent or in some cases completely change the look or feel of an area. Alesouk Oriental Artisans Online Store has an incredible selection of handcrafted oriental rugs for sale that are simply stunning. They offer unique Kilim area rugs made by native artisans. Kilim area rugs and the kilim technique originates from Pakistan to the Balkans. These items can be used as prayers mats or solely as a decorative piece in your home or office.

Types of Kilim Area Rugs

There are four primary types of Kilim rugs. These are Ordinary Kilim area rugs, Gunny kilim area rugs,Suzani Kilim area rugs and Needlework Kilim area rugs. Ordinary Kilim area rugs are traditionally woven with hemp, wool, and cotton threads. Gunny kilim area rugs are woven with a multitude of different pieces of cloth. Suzani kilim area rugs are embroidered. They have raised figures on top of the kilim weave. Last but not least needlework kilim area rugs are woven with cotton threads and are traditionally hung on the wall as decorative art pieces.

Other Oriental Rugs for Sale and Their Selection

Other oriental rugs for sale by Alesouk include Persian rugs, Turkish rugs, Turkmen rugs and Afghan rugs. In Alesouk’s online store, you can find oriental rugs for sale in many different colors, styles, patterns and sizes. These rugs are absolutely divine and will be a great addition to any contemporary interior space within your home. So whether you are looking for something bright and bold or neutral in color, the selection of oriental rugs for sale by Alesouk has something for you! Alesouk is more than just oriental rugs, a lot more actually! Alesouk is by far one of the best providers of ikat fabrics, suzani embroidery, and unique gifts. Their selection of apparel and accessories offers something to accentuate any style of fashion. From scarves to jewelry they have something exquisitely beautiful for the special women in your life. So what are you waiting for? Check out their selection online today!